Founded in 1999 by aviation professionals, Southwest Technik sought to raise the standard of products and services being offered in the aviation community. Southwest Technik has quickly grown into a multi-functioning, multi-department Sales, Service, and Technical Support facility. Our services and expertise have reached out worldwide covering all aspects of avionics support.

Southwest Technik’s approach to business can best be described as direct, clear, and honest. While some companies prefer to complicate the already complex world of avionics with hidden costs, questionable sales conditions, uncertain warranties, or even confusing purchasing practices, Southwest Technik provides all customers and vendors with complete details, conditions, and expectations prior to any transaction with a 100% commitment to honesty and integriy.

At Southwest Technik we are passionate and driven about our commitment to the service, support, and integrity we offer to all aviation associates. Contact us by phone, email, or Internet and you will soon discover that there is a clear and obvious difference in our approach to serving the Aviation industry.

Many maintenance and avionics companies feel that their involvement with the customer ends when they receive payment. Many companies are difficult to approach and resistant when customers attempt to obtain necessary information or support during and after a transaction.

Southwest Technik is committed to on-going, long-term relationships with customers and contacts. Customers can always expect the same level of service and support regardless of the type or size of their request.